Pachamama by Clara Brennan was a smaller scale production I had the privilege of directing after Evam Indrajit when I missed theatre, but couldn't afford to let my academics take a backseat, and became preoccupied by other interests. The play was part of a series put on for Space Club: Theatre Uncut which dealt with the theme "Knowledge is Power, Knowledge is Change". More information is found in the hyperlink in the above graphic. Below are photos of myself (centre) with the cast,  which links to the directorial blog I had written leading up to the performance. I described it as "Pachamama translates as Mother Earth and this play, to me, is a bare exposure of the cracked, multi-layered, wondrous surface of all the pieces that make up the absurdity of life. From work, achievement, living and insanity, it’s a visceral revelation of who and what we are, and the challenges we, as individuals, continue to face."

It was a wonderful experience working with this material in a short amount of time.