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ib book one

ib art documentation

These images are all documentation from my International Baccalaureate art portfolio, 2010 - 2011. These are images from all the relevant pages documenting some of my earliest creative thought processes and ideas. I suppose looking at the images below the work now seems very child-like, but I still find them inspiring and relevant in my current artistic practice, and I hope you might as well.

In the first book the areas of focus were figuring out why I wanted to go back into the visual arts, what that would entail in terms of how to think creatively and what to draw inspiration from, but also these initial months of research were about how I might choose to express myself creatively rather than try to fit the criteria of tasks imposed on me, which is often the case in very early visual arts training.

In book two the areas of focus were on developing my final pieces, particularly the concept of nomadic identity, as well as time-based art and the use of alternative materials such as ceramics and copper. This book is also special because it also includes the first documentation of one of my favourite paintings: The Young Martyr by Paul Delaroche. I was lucky enough to see it in Paris more than a decade ago and it's stayed with me ever since.

In book three the areas of focus were on researching the fundamental philsophical ideas underpinning the larger concept of nomadic identity I'd already developed. I also did the preliminary research for what became the photographic series in the woods titled The Nomadic Tribe. The final page of the last book is a brainstorm of the artistic and intellectual work that led up to my MFA. It was important for me to have revisited these early inspirations before I went on to do a terminal degree.

These aren't all the images, but they should give an idea of the work I did. There was a book four of discarded material - the stuff we think we shouldn't include because it's not going to be graded well. Funnily enough, these days, I think what I've learnt is book four was and is really important.

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