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artist statement

artist statement

Who do you want me to be? And why?

I asked why before I asked who I could be, and that's why I describe myself as an artist and not solely an actor. The feedback is always there seems to be everything but what do you do or what do you want to do? Interdisciplinary is a good word, but, there isn't enough of everything. Or there is, and it's too much to be expressed at once. 

Being the medium I know best my work and life is about heading in the direction of unapologetic and authentic expression. It is true that this has often been deemed highly unnecessary. And honestly, at times I wish I could agree that it is as unnecessary as the world often considers it to be. Time is of the essence and output is more important than inquiry when we keep racing, and competing, and proving ourselves. And yet, I want the ideas to all connect. I want to discover how they might. I want to enter multiple battlefields and risk it all, arrive at the sharpest edge, feel the incredibly dangerous pressure, and then save myself just before it becomes too much. To hang on by a thread, to embrace the solitude, to know at once what it is like to want to connect deeply with everything and everyone, and simultaneously disconnect entirely and become a fiction in this world full of contradiction. 


I am child-like and also ancient. I am recklessly responsible. I commit strongly to my lack of commitment. I try my very best whilst doing absolutely nothing and when I feel too much I act like I don't feel anything at all. Asceticism and hedonism go hand in hand.


I like to break the rules I make. I like to keep it unrefined, in the state of a rough draft, long enough, so that I can observe my own development. And in that sense, I am my art. 

And I am your art.

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