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free speech

these manifestos

or statements

let's call them manifestos as they are to do with art


they say things from people who may or may not be real

they are not necessarily who i am

alter egos perhaps

or the child i once was and still am

or just all the  people i have been

maybe you have been

maybe those i wish i could be

maybe those you wish you could be

or we would be in another life

the only rule is the word words must be in each one

sometimes the writing is funny

even to all of the versions of myself that think it's profound

you can laugh too this isn't holy scripture

or serious

or sexy and bold and rebellious 

is it?

sometimes they say the opposite of what i mean

or what you interpret

or they say what i can't say out loud

or to someone

to that feeling of love and hate

desperately clinging to everything that could mean something

and then trying once more to make sense of it all

writing it down to understand


to say it out loud

to express

free speech?

i guess so

or a perpetual battle against the limitations imposed 

by words

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