Intaglio printmaking is an ancient  technique where the work is etched onto the surface of the print board as incisions. Ink is then applied to the board (usually made of plexiglass or similar material) which is run through a printing-press onto wet printing paper, whereby a mark is left in the negative on the sheet. The more times the glass is used the more it wears and is naturally a more time-consuming process than silk-screen or lino-cut. The results however are unique and impressionistic. The pieces below are photographs of the AP print of individual series which have no more than 10 prints. Three of the series involve photographic prints from 1970s India, a look into my family heritage, and one of the series is based on Alice in Wonderland, called Alice Ecila,  a reverse of the normal story, mimicking the negative exposure of the printing technique, and a rotation on the identity of Alice in contemporary culture.