i am, we are

a student film starring Olorato Conrad Mbi
written & directed by Shreya Tanisha

"I Am, We Are" was a student project whilst I was studying at the United World College of the Atlantic for my International Baccalaureate. It is written and directed by me, working with a good friend from Botswana, who was the inspiration behind the project's subject matter, and luckily the lead. This film was selected and screened at the BFI LGBTQ Stonewall Short Film Competition in 2012. The film attempts to depict the confusion and isolation, and plea, to remember our collective humanity in the face of persecuted identities. It is about being transgender despite knowing you will not be accepted, will face legal issues, and might even be killed for it. This is a shorter version of the full short, which is available on request, and not released online in order to respect the privacy and safety of the performer.