Everything on this website is written by me, and I don't refer to myself in the third person. 

I was born near Kolkata, in the winter of 1993. I was born Shreya Chatterjee and changed my name when I was 21. I call myself Shreya Tanisha because Tanisha is my 'daak naam,' a name given to all Bengalis, which is like a nickname, but not legalised. 


I decided to replace my last name with it because my last name is an indicator of the caste system, which I am vehemently against. I was not raised to be religious, and am agnostic. 

Shreya Tanisha is now my stage and screen name.


When I was a one-year-old I lived in Kolkata, and various other cities in West Bengal, until moving to New Delhi where I began my education. When I was four years old, my family moved to Singapore, and then when I was ten we moved to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. When I turned twelve we moved to The Netherlands, near The Hague, to a town called Wassenaar, and after a few years, I decided to go to a boarding school in Wales, Llantwit Major. I subsequently lived in London and Edinburgh, for University, moving back and forth between the two. After graduating, I spent some time back in India, and then returned to London for my postgraduate degree, and it's where I live now. I also spend some of my time in Cambridge and Surrey. That's twenty-eight years in seven sentences, including this one. It doesn't give the full picture of everywhere I've lived and traveled, but it's safe to say there's no point in asking me where exactly my home is.


I consider myself a nomad, as I have not traveled, but actually lived in various different places. It would be ideal to have global citizenship, and maybe in the not-so-distant future that could become a reality.


Maybe in what's currently considered a utopian world.

For the time being, I'll settle for Britain and India.


I'm an artist.