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MZL Productions is a company that I built during the final year of my MFA at The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama.

It has now been successfully endorsed and funded by RCSSD, and has received government approval.

MZL Productions is a film and theatre production company, which promotes work by artists of colour. The company has a focus on increasing representation for women of colour working within the arts and creative industries firstly in the UK, but hopefully one day internationally.


Please refer to the mission, vision, and literature sections for more information. 

We are also actively making practical efforts for implementing environmentally sustainable practices in all our work so please refer to the sustainability section for more information, and of course, we are remaining up-to-date on the latest Covid19 regulations. 


MZL Productions is a recipient of Central's Start-Up and Enterprise Award and is in its initial phase of development, so please return for future updates. We are not at this moment in time aiming to become massively commercially viable, we have a very long-term goal of perhaps achieving self-sustainability.


Rather, for the time being, our aim is to foster a safe, creative, experimental space, where we can continue to cultivate new ideas. In that sense for now it is a space primarily for our founder to continue to develop her artistic practice and collaborate with others in the process.

Our website is www.mzlproductions.com, which you will be redirected to if you click on the image above.