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it’s a matter of fact


this is inspired by Black Dada


thanks for being inspired Adam P


let it be known this shall never be finished


take this leave that


did you touch me now you read this grinning thinking you knew me


fuck you you're the voyeur


don’t ask me about my bank balance


my business isn’t yours


get verified blue tick next to the name means i mean something


twitter facebook instagram what a fucking usless scam

usless isn't a typo there's no us or we nor you and me when we only say i and i am guilty

the we stopped meaning something to me



words stop meaning anything but i’m told it’s how you get paid


to promote what a thousand images here and there


caption this like that follow this follow me follow who


make a story for the bots


some cute boy with pretty eyes telling you what’s what


he hearted my filtered videos so now i exist


i’m wired in and looking for something organic


there’s no escape


escaping within escapism


do you find this pretentious?


well you asked me to listen to your song with fours words


that you repeat in any sequence to create meaning


for some people who will pay to buy merch


that makes them feel like they're a part of something

the drug that is belonging


not everything is bad


not everything is good


i am using this as a defence having spent days


checking who liked what and why they did and then


being slammed back to a self who never cared about any of that


wondering who i am now


Miss Now


some artificial existence that reaches something


anything could mean everything


and everything could mean nothing


i have thousands of unopened emails waiting for me 


when i stop looking will it all stop existing


no they say we’re in the Metaverse


whatever that means i just want soft real grass


pen and paper


book between my hands where i can feel pages


but then i’m ancient or a romantic


and i’m back to the bittersweet reality that


what we have online has to mean something now


Miss No! make it mean something to someone


more than a character in a play, tv show, feature film


see me petrified by the medicine i take


because the world is a lonely place

lonelier because now i’m looking for meaning 


through an app on a phone


clinging to a tweet or a hashtag


numbers and pictures that are meant to be supportive


meant to be negative


meant to mean something 

something something something


when it all just feels like a void


pessimist? no


i’m tea and the cigarettes i claim i don’t smoke


i’m English rain and Arabian sea and sun


i’m petrol, gasoline, energy, a target


so desirable


i’m defined by my degrees


i’m defined by my passport and residence permits


i’m defined by my roots – are they there?


i’m defined by my love – are you there?


i probably look like someone you wish you knew


as you scroll through your phone, browse through your laptop


and stumble across another name with an image


of someone who could be


real, breathing, living, alive



not just another domain

or instagram grid where we add archive caption delete

my life in images and codes and algorithms

not a single face in front of me

no how are you?

let me help you

just screens made of cellophane

unbreakable plexiglass that shatters my brain

and i thank the rainbow coloured glowing neon gods for the music

thank you for the music

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