MZL Productions aims to operate as a platform and meeting point for these artists and professionals enabling them to surpass cultural, institutional, and systemic barriers in order to create and showcase work for diverse audiences.

We want to make underrepresented artists and professionals visible within the artistic landscape of London, the UK, and hopefully internationally, by catering to their specific needs. Artists will be showcased through festivals, and the company will provide workshops, networking events, as well as conference and panel discussions with the aim of fostering an enriching exchange of ideas, a spirit of collaboration, mutual support, solidarity, as well as a sense of community. The long term aim is to encourage artists to work conscientiously and collaboratively in order to build sustainable careers. 

Whilst MZL Productions places an emphasis on the performing arts, the work of filmmakers and theatre makers, and primarily women of colour, the company’s products and services are open to artists working across all artistic disciplines, who are from varying socio-economic backgrounds, with differing skills and expertise.


We prioritise collaboration above the competition.