London and the UK has a rich spirit and potential for embracing multiculturalism, and the arts is an ideal medium through which this can be celebrated. We hope to acknowledge and transfer this ethos internationally, especially in places where it is still not fully realised or where it is just as challenging to maintain.


Making underrepresented communities feel empowered to pursue stable and sustainable careers in the creative industries is MZL Productions' priority.


Both artistic work and artists require collaboration, support systems, and networks, which MZL Productions will aim to provide as many other companies do. The only difference is we will provide services, products, and opportunities to ensure that those aspiring to create art and build creative careers gain the confidence, skills, and collaborative networking opportunities to have their work reach the public.

In other words, we will be hypersensitive to the fact that gate-keepers and barriers of entry into this industry exist and are made to seem as though they are impossible to surpass. We will do our level best to make the seemingly impossible become very possible.

The long-term goal of MZL Productions is to become a self-sustainable film and theatre production company, which produces work that is written, directed, and performed with the aim of increasing representation for women of colour and multicultural narratives. 

Why? Because it's time to get what we need from the arts: a true sense of justice and belonging. And that can only be achieved when the currently acceptable power dynamic makes room for a new one, which fearlessly embraces the potential and need for complex characters to be seen and heard.

And that statement, saying we prioritise work by women of colour, should not require us to provide an explanation stating that we actively try to work with everyone, yet it still does.

Which is precisely why we do what we do.