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ib book three

book three

This is the third book of documentation from my International Baccalaureate art portfolio, 2010 - 2011. These are images from all the relevant pages documenting some of my earliest creative thought processes and ideas. I suppose looking at the 16 images below the work now seems very child-like, but I still find them inspiring and relevant in my current artistic practice, and I hope you might as well.

In this book the areas of focus were on researching the fundamental philsophical ideas underpinning the larger concept of nomadic identity I'd already developed. I also did the preliminary research for what became the photographic series in the woods titled The Nomadic Tribe. 

The final page is a brain storm of the artistic and intellectual work that led up to my MFA. It was important for me to have revisited these early inspirations before I went on to do a terminal degree.

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