© Andrei Luca

I think acceptance is a life-long process. Acceptance of situations, oneself, the truth, the past, the present, and whatever the future may be. At a time when the world continues to experience turbulence and uncertainty, I paused even when I maybe could have gone somewhere else and sought some greater security.  


Everyone seemed to be saying do this, think this, let it go, be better and I just went with what I felt deep within. I dove right into the mess, I felt every emotion that I was being told to forget, I tolerated repeated forms of abuse and watched as people laughed or assumed I was being foolish and just kept feeling, and feeling, and feeling until I reached this point where I still feel unsettled, in pain, not fully certain of anything except one crucial thing: trusting myself again. 


I trust myself to slow down. To take time. To be imperfect. To do what's right for me and do it when I'm ready.


There's an old saying: first, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. I'm not interested in them or winning but if I learnt anything in 2021 which I now carry with me into 2022 it is the meaning of to thine own self be true.

Part of that is setting boundaries and keeping them there and letting go of everything and everyone who can't respect them. Another part, the wonderful but difficult part, is forgiving. Myself and others. 


And just letting it be.